Telephones are a vital part of everyday business headsets life - bringing people together and allowing audio or video collaboration


Increase your warranty period on refurbished phones from 12 to 36 months. In fact, a hefty chunk of refurbished items are customer returns with minimal. This is one of the more expensive, business style headsets which is optimised for Skype, and is intended to be high end and highly efficient. Will your business save you money? Telephones are a vital part of everyday business headsets life - bringing people together and allowing audio or video collaboration. Usually ships in 5-7 business days. All refurbished phones and equipment are double tested. You can also pick up refurbished ones at great prices. Usually ships in 1-3 business days. It’s got a heftier price tag than some Skype for Business headsets, but is something of a luxury when it comes to specifically designed office headsets. For business use, it’s a bargain. We sell all sorts of accessories and replacement parts for your telephones or headsets - if you cant find what you are looking for then get in touch. Enjoy better data speed and quality with business ready networking solutions from leading manufacturers. Remanufactured / refurbished telecoms products all with 12 months warranty - all products are thoroughly tested, cleaned and reboxed. Refurbished with new handsets, paper inserts, line cords and plastic covering by UsedphonesOnline. One way to help keep costs low is to purchase a refurbished business telephone system. Better yet, choosing a refurbished model can help you save even more—up to 30 percent off the original price. These features provide you with speed and power to stay ahead in the competitive business world. These products have been refurbished to like-new condition. Telephone headsets are a must for businesses large and small, increasing productivity and efficiency whilst making day to day tasks easier for staff. Buying a business telephone system can be very expensive, especially if you are operating a new business and aren’t prepared for the expense. Save up to 60% on refurbished and next-to-new telephones, cards, systems, headsets, conference phones, and wireless/mobile equipment. You can save money on your initial investment, plus on any subsequent purchases as you expand your system as your business grows. Many well-known manufacturers like Apple and Dell have very strict inspection and testing guidelines, ensuring that the refurbished products they sell are very reliable. Business telephone systems allow multi line communications for your workplace whilst bringing in advanced administration features.